Waxing Your Car at Self-Service Washes: Is Rinsing Necessary?

Waxing is an important part of car care. Modern self-service stations allow you to coat your vehicle. These waxes also work as sealants to help polish stay on the surface. This is the key to a long-lasting shine. 

Your vehicle should be waxed regardless of how you wash it. You may use snow foam or a steam cleaner for cars. Today, polymers respond better with more finishes than ever before. They help bead the water away. Here is the proper way to wax your car, according to Fortador.

Manual vs High Pressure

There are different ways to apply wax. You can rub it in manually or use a high-pressure feature at car washes. The second method is quite rough but still effective. If you take your car to a self-service station, waxing is recommended in any case. It allows you to keep that clear-coat look. If you use an auto detail steam cleaner, apply wax after drying. 

Waxing at Self-Serve Station

The main question is: should you rinse off the wax? Here is how to wax the car correctly after washing at a self-serve station or using a car detailing steamer. Your car will look shiny and fresh, and it will be protected against the elements!

Prepare the Car for Waxing

After washing the vehicle with soap, you need to rinse all the suds off. Do it with the spray wand. Speed is important, as soap may dry too quickly, leaving marks. If the film has appeared in any area, remove it with a rag. Rinse well once more. Now, your car is sud-free and ready for waxing. 

Apply Wax

Many self-service stations have a special wax setting. It allows you to spray wax on your vehicle using the spray wand. You need a fine layer on the clean body. The surface will be sealed, and the paint will be protected from salt and dirt. Note that this setting may not be available. It is also important to remember that mats must not be waxed. The easiest way to clean them is with auto detailing steamers. 

So, What About Rinsing?

After waxing, you should return the spray wand in its place. Wait before getting your vehicle wet again. Let the wax set up as long as possible. Different waxes need different periods of time to harden. Curing requires between 1 and 24 hours for natural or synthetic polymer wax. After that, you can wash the car and use a steam machine for car detailing as often as you like. The coating will reach its maximum hardness in 2-3 days. 

If you prefer DIY wash, the same logic applies. Note that waxing should not be done too often. On average, it is recommended every quarter. The optimal frequency depends on the product, so read the labels. Some types of wax may be used every few days.

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