Top 3 Tips for Car Washing

Regular washing is an important part of car maintenance. You do not have to drive to an automatic station to get the job done — it can happen in your driveway. Get a hose, soap, and mitts, or use a steam machine for car detailing. Here is a guide to proper vehicle washing. 

Prepare the Location and Equipment

If you have an auto detail steam cleaner, you can wash your car anywhere — only water is required. Otherwise, pick a location out of direct sunlight, so the soap does not dry too fast. Car owners should wash their cars early in the morning or late in the evening to get the best results. Avoid areas with a lot of dust, leaves, or bugs. 

Your hose nozzle must provide sufficient pressure for spraying, and allow you to stop the flow easily. This will reduce the amount of water. With a steam cleaner for cars, it will be kept to a minimum. 

Focus on the Wheels

Start with the wheels, as they collect the largest amounts of dirt and debris. Spray around the wells and the undercarriage. This will remove dirt, brake dust, and road salt. Always use a special detergent for tires. Note that some cleaning agents are best for certain types of aluminum, which is specified on the package. 

If you have access to a car detailing steamer from Fortador, this is not a concern — you are only using water to clean the entire vehicle. It works well on the exterior and interior. Begin with the wheels, too. 

Prepare and Lather

Give your car a good coating of water. You need to get rid of surface dirt, so spray all the outer surfaces. Crevices and cracks deserve special attention. Now, you are ready for washing. 

For a classic wash, you need one bucket of water and one with a soapy mixture. Avoid household detergents at all costs — they may remove wax and sealants. Shampoos for cars cause the water to bead, which makes drying easier and makes spots less likely. Dilute the cleaner following the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the soapy water to lather up a clean mitt or chamois. 

Clean the vehicle in sections, from the top down. Begin from the front. Avoid rubbing. Make one swipe, turn the mitt over and swipe again. Then, rinse the area. If you drop the mitt at any point in the process, rinse it well to make sure no dirt or gravel has attached to it. Otherwise, you may scratch the bodywork. 

A Sustainable and Convenient Alternative 

DIY wash uses a lot of water. According to WaterWiser, you use around 30 gallons with a shut-off nozzle and 100 (!) without it. In-bay wash is no better. If you care about the environment, consider auto detailing steamers. These may require just one gallon for the entire vehicle. In addition, no chemicals are used, and the vehicle is disinfected. Heated steam may be used for the exterior and interior.

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