Benefits of Using an Automatic Touchless Car Wash

Touchless car washes rely on high-pressure water jets and effective cleaning agents. These are the only things coming into contact with your vehicle — hence the term. But are touchless washes better than conventional ones? Is it better than using a steam cleaner for cars? Read on to find out.  read more

Self-Service Car Wash: Winter vs. Summer

Different seasons require changes in car maintenance, including washing. A steam machine for car detailing can be used in any season. If you prefer self-service stations, prepare your vehicle according to the time of year. Do not wait too long — sludge must be removed regularly.  read more

Top 3 Tips for Car Washing

Regular washing is an important part of car maintenance. You do not have to drive to an automatic station to get the job done — it can happen in your driveway. Get a hose, soap, and mitts, or use a steam machine for car detailing. Here is a guide to proper vehicle washing.  read more