Car Wash Boom: Productivity and Safety

Unless you have an auto detail steam cleaner, washing your vehicle requires hoses and cleaning agents. The boom is an indispensable piece of equipment for a car wash bay. It keeps water hoses suspended in the air, so customers and staff do not stumble upon them, and vehicles do not run over equipment. 

Today, booms come in different forms. They may be attached to the walls or ceiling. There are even Z-shaped models allowing multifunctional use. 

Origins of the Boom

The boom was invented decades ago. The first low-pressure model from 1948 included a swivel and a garden hose. The equipment relied on city water pressure. 15 years passed before a high-pressure boom was introduced. 

Today, washes are more efficient thanks to the steam machine for car detailing. Conventional stations need booms. 

Structure of the Boom

Modern booms come in several varieties. Different styles and configurations suit different needs, such as washing, rinsing (something auto detailing steamers do not require), and waxing. You can find:

  • ceiling/center booms with 360-degree rotation,
  • wall booms with 180-degree rotation. 

Booms mounted on the ceiling are used for high-pressure washing. They also spray products like wax. The classic inline model has a straight shape, just like in the 1960s. The Z-style boom has a bent shape, which allows the integration of several booms in one bay. Booms mounted on walls are best for washing with foam and brushes. 

Overview of Advantages

The advantages of equipping a car wash with a boom are undeniable. It optimizes the process, allowing staff to work more conveniently and safely. Productivity rises as well. 

First of all, high-pressure hoses last longer. They are not dragged over the floor. Secondly, the risk of accidents falls, as the staff has fewer items around them, and cars remain in their positions. Key advantages include the following.

Productivity Boost

A major advantage is higher productivity. Staff does not have to drag bulky long hoses, as they can move around the vehicle easily. Washing is faster and more precise. If your business is a self-service station, a boom is absolutely vital: few customers will be ready for anything more challenging than simply directing the stream from the spray wand. 

Better Safety

When hoses are lying on the floor, employees may stumble upon them. Even small leaks may create slippery areas. A boom reduces the probability of injuries provided that the drainage system is in order. A steam cleaner for cars is still safer, but it is not always available.

Main Requirements

Booms for car washes should meet a number of requirements. They must be durable and easy to operate. Here are six key criteria:

  1. reliable mounting;
  2. lightweight;
  3. resistance to corrosion;
  4. easy rotation;
  5. long lifespan;
  6. ease of cleaning and maintenance. 

Generally, the most efficient booms are the ones made of stainless steel. They are resistant to moisture and chemical agents, and therefore more reliable and enduring. Of course, car wash owners can also eliminate chemicals by installing the Fortador car detailing steamer.

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