Best Soap for Touchless Car Wash

A car wash without auto detailing steamers needs a range of chemical detergents. The choice of shampoos and foams defines its success. Use our guide to find the best detergents for your business. Top products ensure fast and efficient cleaning. They do not damage the paintwork, while waxes and sealants remain intact. 

It Must Have Neutral pH

This may not seem important for the average customer, but it can make or break your business. A pH-balanced cleaning agent will maintain the neutral pH of the surface. In comparison, aggressive caustic detergents make it acidic or basic. 

As a rule, the cheapest soaps include heavy solvents. These must be avoided at all costs, as they strip off waxes and sealants from the surface. As you can see, balanced pH is a vital criterion. If you were using water and a Fortador auto detail steam cleaner this would not be an issue at all.

Look for Heavy-Foaming Options

Heavy foam is more effective in terms of loosening pollutants like grease and dirt. This criterion is often underrated. Foam can do a lot of cleaning. In addition, it also makes conventional cleaning safer for the coatings. This is because such soaps provide lubrication for the cleaning brushes. 

Avoid ‘Deep Clean’, ‘Waterless’, etc. 

Claims like these are simply marketing ploys. They create the illusion of higher efficiency. For example, a ‘waterless’ detergent still requires water, as vehicles must be rinsed. Similarly, a ‘2-in-1 wash & wax’ makes no sense at all — this combination is simply impossible if you are looking for lasting protection. 

Finally, ‘deep clean’ products are usually caustic and therefore damaging to the finish. One of the few ‘revolutionary’ systems which really work is the steam cleaner for cars. Vehicles are cleaned without any soap at all, which saves a lot of money. As for detergents, be reasonable and stick to standard options. 

Pay Attention to Manufacturer

Brands are not created equal. Some companies are only engaged in redistribution for bigger ones. Do not chase low prices alone — they usually come with inferior quality. What really matters is the ingredients and the producer’s attention to detail. For example, some manufacturers achieve better results at most development stages. 

The Bottom Line

The best car wash soap must have a neutral pH level, and it must not promise unrealistic results. Do as much research as possible before settling on a soap. Be wary of revolutionary claims. Remember that deep cleaning is too aggressive, and ‘2-in-1 wash and wax’ does not exist. Focus on delivering the biggest value to your customers. 

In recent years, more and more car owners have opted for a chemical-free wash. A car detailing steamer does not require any soap at all — vehicles are cleaned using high pressure and temperature. This innovative approach is also the most sustainable. A steam machine for car detailing requires little water.

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