Benefits of Using an Automatic Touchless Car Wash

Touchless car washes rely on high-pressure water jets and effective cleaning agents. These are the only things coming into contact with your vehicle — hence the term. But are touchless washes better than conventional ones? Is it better than using a steam cleaner for cars? Read on to find out. 

Touchless vs. Conventional

Aside from the washing method, touchless stations have a lot in common with typical ones. First, they have a conveyor track with rollers to move the vehicles through the tunnel. Clients are asked to turn off the engine, put the vehicle into neutral or park. Afterwards, the washing begins. 

So, what is the point of making it contactless? First, this format is ideal for maintenance cleaning between deeper scrub-downs. Secondly, the technology is more gentle to the paint and any protective sealants. 

Even though most finishes are designed to withstand automatic cleaning, cars are still damaged by abrasive bristles or poor soft-cloth washes. This does not happen with a car detailing steamer, but not every driver has it in their arsenal.

Arguments in Favor of Touchless Car Wash

The advantages of contactless washes may be divided into environmental and personal. On the one hand, this system helps drivers maintain the resale value of their vehicles. At the same time, it is more sustainable than automatic stations (but less eco-friendly than auto detailing steamers because you still need detergents). 

Environmental Reasons 

  • Touchless stations use less water (roughly 35 gallons as opposed to the 150 gallons required for DIY wash — the difference is tremendous!).
  • Contactless washes reduce the pollution of groundwaters. They reclaim most of the water, which is cleaned and reused. 

Personal Reasons 

DIY washing with brushes and sponges is not only tedious — you can easily scratch the surface. The damage can go as deep as 10% of the thickness. This is caused by tiny particles of dust, dirt, or sand getting trapped in your mitt. As a result, the finish degrades. Meanwhile:

  • A touchless car wash uses a high-pressure spray method. Dirt is washed off the bodywork before cleaning. Moreover, all the solutions applied during washing are rinsed off thoroughly to prevent grit. 
  • Weekly touchless washing prevents corrosion, as it removes salt, dirt, and other pollutants. As a result, your finish lasts longer and its resale value is maintained. 

Final Words

As you can see, touchless washes are less aggressive than regular automatic stations. However, as chemicals are used, they are not fully sustainable. In comparison, a steam machine for car detailing from manufacturers like Fortador will clean your vehicle with only a modest amount of water (just one gallon could suffice!) and no detergents at all. 

Steaming services are a great solution for cleaning and disinfecting. You cannot find a more eco-friendly method! However, if you have access to an auto detail steam cleaner, driving to a touchless station is the best alternative.

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