Car Wash Boom: Productivity and Safety

Unless you have an auto detail steam cleaner, washing your vehicle requires hoses and cleaning agents. The boom is an indispensable piece of equipment for a car wash bay. It keeps water hoses suspended in the air, so customers and staff do not stumble upon them, and vehicles do not run over equipment.  read more

Benefits of Using an Automatic Touchless Car Wash

Touchless car washes rely on high-pressure water jets and effective cleaning agents. These are the only things coming into contact with your vehicle — hence the term. But are touchless washes better than conventional ones? Is it better than using a steam cleaner for cars? Read on to find out.  read more

Best Soap for Touchless Car Wash

A car wash without auto detailing steamers needs a range of chemical detergents. The choice of shampoos and foams defines its success. Use our guide to find the best detergents for your business. Top products ensure fast and efficient cleaning. They do not damage the paintwork, while waxes and sealants remain intact.  read more

Self-Service Car Wash: Winter vs. Summer

Different seasons require changes in car maintenance, including washing. A steam machine for car detailing can be used in any season. If you prefer self-service stations, prepare your vehicle according to the time of year. Do not wait too long — sludge must be removed regularly.  read more

How to Clean Your Car’s Engine Safely

Washing is a crucial part of car maintenance, but cleaning the engine is a hassle. Grime and dirt gather under the hood, and dust creeps into the openings. Cleaning the power unit requires caution, as there are many electrical elements. Follow our tips to do it properly. read more

Top 3 Tips for Car Washing

Regular washing is an important part of car maintenance. You do not have to drive to an automatic station to get the job done — it can happen in your driveway. Get a hose, soap, and mitts, or use a steam machine for car detailing. Here is a guide to proper vehicle washing.  read more